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To Whom The Rules Don't Apply

To Whom The Rules Don’t Apply…a simple string of words, that together, represent a mentality encouraging individuality and certainty in one’s own self. In a generation that has been conditioned to seek acceptance, we strongly believe that it’s more important than ever to be comfortable going against the grain. 

But in order to do live in such a way, we must first be comfortable and confident in ourselves, enough to avoid being swayed by the social pressures that suggest we should make decisions based on social approval. 

We witness that in our world of social media, where a post that’s too confident is likely to be received as arrogance. We experience the feeling of being an outcast when having an opinion or stance that doesn’t align with others. We can even point to phases where there is a lack of genuine support or encouragement, as peers take on building dreams and opportunities from the ground up. It seems that many are only willing to join the fun and ride the wave when they sense recognition from the masses.

For those reasons, To Whom is determined to promote excellence, a confident mindset, and continuous growth. And hey, we’re all for throwing in a bit of arrogance as well. Because what’s the point of striving for greatness if you can’t own it. 

Freshman Year

In our first year of existence here at To Whom, we’ve placed much focus on introducing our first clothing sets to you all. From t-shirts, hoodies, and crewneck sweaters, our energies we’re spent on designing unique clothing sets that express our unapologetic exudence of confidence. 

We displayed this in our first clothing drop, on items such as our ‘Plenty of Juice’ and ‘Shoes Fly Don’t Bother Me’ t-shirts. 

Those designs were quickly followed up by a pair of salmon and navy t-shirts that preaches the phrase, “Wherever Ego We Go”. Each of these design concepts point back to the slight and subtle arrogance that we love to show. 

This braggadocious energy will always be a core part of our artistic concepts, and we will continue to highlight that mentality as we move forward. 

However, we have an additional point of focus as we transition from freshman to sophomore year. We’re going from simply introducing you to clothing to now introducing you to us.


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Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

Without further ado, we introduce ourselves…the two of To Whom.


Claude Chester Jr

grew up with a desire to create. From poems, to raps, to art, he consistently found ways to engage in the creative processes of different art forms.

Claude graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast and a minor focus on Interactive Digital Media. It was at Virginia State University where he earned a Master of Arts degree in Media Management. All while reconnecting with his artistic hunger and gaining the ultimate confidence in himself and his abilities during his time spent there.

As a full-time government employee with a desire to scratch his creative itch, Claude began pursuing freelance graphic design work for current and former students of the VSU cloth.

Claude eventually started his own business —2C Graphic Concepts— and began to work to become more familiar with clothing and fashion processes. Paths have led him to partner with his younger brother as a way to merge their individual talents and collective visions together for something greater.

Claude - Bio
Christian - Bio
Christian Chester

made his territory known as the inquisitive youngest sibling, asking many questions and often taking it upon himself to find the answers for things that others could not show him.

Christian earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University and immediately began honing his skills in the world of e-commerce solutions. 

Christian has worked for a number of major retail corporations and manufacturers. With each one he has taken a piece of the knowledge necessary to work independent of corporate oversight.

Christian has always desired creating something with his fingerprint and DNA. No better opportunity could have presented itself than the one that has led him to collaborate creatively and logistically with his older brother to make both of their visions become tangible success.

Sophomore Year

In our sophomore year, we’ve jumped out the gates with some unique cool weather apparel such as fleece hoodies and cotton crewneck sweaters. Items such as our Objects in Mirror hoodies were able to highlight our ability to add depth and life to traditional hoodies by including a little tree air freshner in chenille, to match the drawstrings of the sweatshirts.

In addition, we’ve also introduced the Two Much Heart to Hate crewneck sweaters. These sweaters are a subtle reminders that there is plenty of room for all of us to eat in this world. Energy that is rooted in negativity or jealousy will never yield the results that can be achieved by investing that energy into yourself and those around you.

As we near the half point of 2022, we will continue to bring new concepts and looks. As we face summertime head on, we look forward to our upcoming release of mesh shorts, summer tees, brand socks, and a few more closet fillers. 

But you can also expect to hear from us in more ways. We consider To Whom the Rules Don’t Apply to be a way of life, rather than just a brand. This means we are a community, and because of that we are eager to reach out out and directly interact with you all more. So it is with our sincerest appreciation that we say, “Thank You” to all of you who have been with rocking with us thus far, as well as those who will join us going forward.